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Polish Union of USA / AmeriPol

Polish Union of USA/AMERIPOL is a Fraternal Life Insurance Company taking care of families all over the United States since 1890.  We provide life insurance policies both large and small and specialize in the $5,000 to $50,000 policy range.  We not only provide life insurance; our members are eligible for many other benefits and we are proud to promote true fraternalism and community service as well.

Merger with First Catholic Slovak Ladies Assoc.

  • The Polish Union Board of Directors has approved a merger contract with the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association. The document was approved by our delegates at the January 8 Convention. Please review the merger agreement and approval announcement.
  • Your life insurance certificate is now being serviced at the FCSLA home office in Beachwood, Ohio. Please contact FCSLA with your insurance questions.


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Scholarship Information
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38th Annual Debutante Ball
The 38th annual Debutante Ball will be held October 15th; please see the events page for the introduction letter and application form for any interested members!.